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#3 "The Tracker's Dilemma"

"We either make ourselves miserable, or we make ourselves strong.
The amount of work is the same." - Carlos Castenada

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Coloured drawing: Original colour map of the combined reading

On this page is a detailed account of a recent approach to the Nomadic Oracle. The result not only made a lot of sense at the time of the reading, it continues to resonate with the clarity and wisdom of its vision.

Episode 1

The request for an update before travelling back to Europe was linked to the thought which promoted it:
What is going on in Europe?

Undoubtedly many people were asking this question at the time, and with greater insight. The situation was developing quickly, but no matter what the pace, those on the ground had at least some time to adjust to the changing picture. They also had a chance to understand how serious the situation was becoming, in reality.

This was impossible for the recipient of the reading, who was living far away in a completely different part of the world. The situation appeared bleak, which it certainly was, but without any sense of a grounded perspective, there was no way of understanding its impact, or the true scale of the problem.

The Oracle confirmed the situation, straight out of the pack. In a 7-Card Spread the first three cards are placed on a terrestrial line which runs through the centre from left to right. This string of cards describes the Context, the Here & Now and the Practical Future Guidance respectively. Debt & Domination, Snowbird and Vampire Threads. Taken together they presented an exceptionally bleak and worrying picture.

Colour illustration: the terrestrial line

The terrestrial line. From the Context, through the heart-of-the-matter - the Om Point - to Practical Future Guidance. With the power released through unresolved emotional dramas, was this a 'train to nowhere'?

It is not unusual for the Oracle to acknowledge or perhaps restate the question through its choice of the Context. Even so this reading was spectacular - the three cards covered all aspects of the problem, as it had been described by friends. It was as if the Oracle was saying:

"Ah! You are talking of childish, unresolved anger and emotional entrapments which tend to violence? The present situation and at the heart of the problem lies uneasiness, depression, sadness and grief. The future appears to be heading for disaster. There are violent times ahead. Predators will abound at this time. The world is going to hell..."

The message carried by the three cards was modified by those placed below and above. Shakti, in the Overview, was fully attuned to all forms of communication. Ethereal Voices, the outward-going and hence subjective ability to communicate, occupied the Undercurrent. Ethereal Voices represents energies of information and communication which are outward from the Self or the situation, free-flowing energies which suggest speaking or listening with full attention. The presence of these two cards altered the message:

"... or at least that is what you think, based on what you have heard and read."

It was easy to understand what the Oracle was saying. The terrestrial interpretation, to establish the Practical Future Guidance was very clear. The future was blocked and inauspicious in the extreme. Vampire Threads is Fire in the Realm of Territories. The predatory nature of the energies this card describes could include hostilities and war. This gloomy message was indeed what the recipient had been hearing from others.

In the Receptive, The Tracker suggested that the recipient should carefully investigate the information he had been receiving. This could take the form of fact-checking, following up leads and examining the validity of his sources. The Tracker is an archetype representing an observant, methodical approach. Meanwhile in the Creative, Monkey could be taken as an encouragement to heed the subconscious understandings brought into mind through internal dialogue. The relationship between these cards could suggest a balanced approach to knowledge; filtering and verifying the incoming information, while trusting one's own interpretation. It was impossible for the recipient of the reading to track the information however. He was living in isolation, on a small island with seriously limited communications.

Episode 2

Once a basic interpretation had been established, the interpretation spread was converted into an Information Angel. This looks at the same spread but interprets it in a generally upward direction, from the Receptive to the Creative.

The Context of the question also changes. Added to the original question is the insight offered by the Practical Future Guidance, the 'established' first impression. Knowledge of this new Context is 'given' to the Receptive. On this occasion, the Receptive was occupied by The Tracker.

From The Tracker's perspective in the Receptive, the three cards on the terrestrial line cross from left to right like a train to nowhere, heading for oblivion. In this particular spread, the terrestrial line seems to cut across the picture, splitting it in two.

The first interpretation was modified by the energies in the Undercurrent and by the Overview. In the latter, Shakti, the Receptive Principle, was fully tuned to all forms of communication. Ethereal Voices, the outward-going and hence subjective ability to communicate, occupied the Undercurrent. Ethereal Voices represents energies of information and communication which are outward from the Self or the situation. These energies are free-flowing and are necessarily subjective, irrespective of whether they refer, for example, to speaking or to listening with full attention.

The suggestion was that the picture was true, but it could also have been a projection. An alarmist vision created by sensationalist journalists hyping the news and then fed into the international rumour-mill? Ethereal Voices is an Air card whose natural place is the Overview. Was the flood of communication being received by Shakti blocking an ability to communicate, effectively leaving Ethereal Voices trapped in the Undercurrent, the mind? Certainly, at the global level, this could well have been the case. If the incoming news were serious enough, even seasoned politicians might be forced to be silent. Not knowing what to say, or who to listen to next, is a natural response to overwhelming news.

It is The Tracker's task to try and make sense of these clues, always bearing in mind the original question: "What is going on in Europe?" and the Practical Future Guidance embodied in the card Vampire Threads.

From The Tracker's perspective, in the far distance, in Consciousness and the Creative, is Monkey, the Air card from the Realm of Abundance. At one level, this card represents an abundance of communication. It is an Aspect, as are most of the cards in this reading. Aspects have a neutral vibration, being neither incoming nor outgoing, and can be personal or impersonal. In the Creative, Monkey suggests becoming aware of and possibly being guided by the inner voice. In an impersonal sense, it can refer to background social 'chatter', the undifferentiated human refrain.

By this time it had become clear that, despite the noise, there was insufficient information - the most obvious sticking point being that it was impossible to know the 'status' of the terrestrial line.

It was certainly confirmation but was it a prediction or a projection?

Was it personal, in the sense that the recipient of the reading was generating or attracting this level of anxiety? Or was it the social equivalent of internal dialogue - in this case a deep social unease? A continuous outbreak of bad news, fuelled by gossip, negativity and sensationalism?

This was a reading flooded by the information stream, with the Receptive Principle wide open in Air (the Overview), with Air in the Realm of Abundance in the Creative and with Ethereal Voices possibly trapped in the mind. Without clarification it was impossible for The Tracker to make sense of it.

Episode 3

Colour illustration: The Tracker could not know that Monkey could provide a bridge across awareness

"Monkey was able to provide a bridge across awareness."

The recipient decided to ask for a second update. This is a standard way of using the Nomadic Oracle. To ask the same question again allows for a convergent or 'triangulated' reading. Like an overlay, it allows a practitioner to see the issue from a different point-of-view.

The second spread was entirely auspicious and mercifully straightforward in its advice:

"Keep moving and don't get stuck. Trust the Process, in particular by bringing your profound love of all life to mind. Carry your insights in your heart, for safe-keeping. Trust them. Seek a new balance and harmony within the information stream. Try to accept the duality which life presents. If you do this the path will be fully open."

The two most noticeable features of the second reading were that Monkey remained in the Creative and Shakti was replaced by Grace in the Overview.

The repeat of Monkey in the Creative answered The Tracker's dilemma:
The Tracker could not know that Monkey was able to provide a bridge across awareness in this way. By shifting the energies in Air, (the Overview, dedicated to communication at all frequencies) from pure receptivity to a more harmonious, if slightly less receptive place within the psyche, an entirely different perspective is possible.

No two cards in the Nomadic Oracle are more diametrically opposed than Vampire Threads and The Drum. The latter, Air in the Realm of the Active Path, suggests that the path is completely open. This state lies beyond even personal freedom and is obtained through the changes brought about by an individual's own efforts. These hugely auspicious energies now occupy the Practical Future Guidance position. Within the terrestrial energies of Earth, The Drum can point the way to the 'path-with-heart'. It is this which provides the Context for the Information Angel interpretation of the second spread.

In the Receptive is Nourishment, Water in the Family of Transition. Nourishment's task in the Oracle is to act as an antithesis to any form of inertia. Nourishment's message is therefore very straightforward:

"Just keep things moving!"

This is the focus.

In the heart is Insight, Consciousness in the Realm of Guidance which speaks of an immediate and intuitive, deeply-felt understanding.

Below Insight is The Forest and to the left is The Cauldron. The two cards are referred to as 'the twins of abundance'. In combination they represent fertility and growth from within the 'centre-of-being'. The Forest talks of the love of all life. The Cauldron speaks of the Process. They offer to embody much of the benevolent traditions of the Heart Chakra: compassion, unconditional love, loyalty, honest courage, wisdom and above all, trust. Between them, they bring to the Nomadic Oracle knowledge of the 'cosmic centre' of abundance - fertility and growth.

Beyond the balancing presence of Grace sits the implacable Monkey in the Creative.

Working with the pack over a long period of time has brought many insights. Several of these concern the true nature of 'the stream of consciousness', which the Oracle has tagged 'Monkey'. It is generally assumed that internal dialogue is a worrying and spurious phenomena which should be minimised. This is understandable - an out-of-control monkey-brain can be a real nuisance and a great energy drain. Most mystical writers, meditation masters and self-help commentators seem to suggest that internal dialogue should be reduced.

It would be fair to say that the Nomadic Oracle disagrees with every part of this. The Monkey should not be demonised in this way - it can be loved, trained and eventually tuned. It is an integral part of the psyche and has great purpose. It is the only part of the human organism which can bring the wordless murmurings of the heart-mind into awareness. In that sense it is the voice of ethereal consciousness and the subconscious.

Rather than trying to reduce its incoherence through meditation and yoga, perhaps we should also meditate on the Monkey, first having declared our love and acknowledged that, without internal dialogue, creativity and comedy (including self-comedy) would vanish from the psyche. The ego might enjoy such a situation for a while, but even egos get bored eventually.

Acting as a pivot, Monkey's presence on the bridge which pins these two readings together is now quite easy to interpret:

"It depends on how you see it. It will take more than placing optimism beyond pessimism. Seek the wisdoms of the highest frequencies and bring them into mind. Look at the situation again from the highest and most subtle levels of your consciousness."

Feeling sceptical?

You may be assuming that there is no way 14 cards placed randomly on a table can deliver this degree of clarity except through the fatal mistake of reading more into it than is really there. In reality however there are further, more subtle levels that have not been investigated here.

Nevertheless, it is totally correct to be sceptical at this time. Perhaps more than ever we should be cautious. It seems that false prophets are everywhere to be found, along with spiritual shysters, ghastly gurus and predatory healers. There are even those who believe there is a proper way to be spiritual.

However, for us to proceed, evolve and eventually survive, we should also become ever-more open. The Nomadic Oracle will make its own case. It is a seriously powerful work which would have no problem if you choose to protect the 'rational' mind in this way, provided that you also remain poised and receptive.

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