the Nomadic Oracle
Two 7-Card Spreads Was this a Warning? The Tracker's Dilemma
Contents Introductions Discernment, the Sense of Taste The Infinite Self
Can you Picture a Thought? Colour Mapping and Creativity The Journey

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The Nomadic Oracle
465-page fully illustrated paperback.

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The Complete Guide to the Nomadic Oracle
with revised and expanded text.
fully illustrated 465 pages.
publication date: December 2014.
834" x 558"
printed and bound in the USA.

New to the 2nd Edition:
- a massive expansion from 144 to 465 pages following further research into the capabilities of the Oracle and the more subtle meanings of the cards.
- one entire chapter devoted to colour-mapping.
- Aspect card entries show interpretations listed from Fire to Consciousness as required by a 7-card reading, making quick first impressions far easier to achieve.
- double-page Aspect Matrix for easy cross-referencing between Families and Realms.
-sample readings

The Pack

the deck consists of a boxed set of 56 cards of exceptional quality.
Card dimensions: 334 x 512 inches.
Printed on best quality art-card, non-laminated for easy handling and shuffling.
The absence of a plastic surface ensures that the colours remain vivid.
Offset printed and die-cut in Malaysia.

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