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Extracts from the 2nd Edition
#2 "Introductions" pages 15 - 20

Two 7-card Spreads Was this a Warning? the Tracker's Dilemma
Contents you are here Discernment, the Sense of Taste the Infinite Self
Can you Picture a Thought? Colour mapping and Creativity the Journey

The Nomadic Oracle

 by  Jon Mallek
 published by  mattang book

The structure of the Nomadic Oracle is unique. “Introductions” gives a brief insight to some of the more important elements and provides the practitioner with a quick reference for using the cards.

The Nomadic Oracle is a shaman's lens, a powerful divination system, a tool for divining subtle energies within the life-path and for offering healing guidance through personal empowerment. The work is powered by synchronicity - significant, inexplicable coincidences and profound ironies which seem to convey meaning through random events.

The Oracle is profoundly shamanic. It emerged organically, channelled through a deep, personal connection with Nature once the norms of humanity's games, illusions and narratives had been stripped away.

©Jon Mallek 2010-2016

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