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Extracts from the 2nd Edition
#4 "the Infinite Self"
pages 383 - 396

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The Nomadic Oracle

 by  Jon Mallek
 published by  mattang book

The three cards of The Infinite Self represent the indivisible energies of any single person.

The Infinite Self can be thought of as a rainbow thread of energies, at the extreme ends of which are the Receptive Principle, Shakti, and the Creative Principle, Shiva. The third member of the group is Grace, describing sites of attainable harmony that exist within the amazing, sometimes provocative dance between the two opposing principles.

The chapter on The Infinite Self is one of the more complex passages in the Nomadic Oracle guidebook. It offers the reader a new way to understand the fluid play of energies within self, beyond the self-limiting definitions of identity and ego, and without ever seeking to define the personal meaning of these cards to the practitioner. Through the commentary and illustrations it also directly confronts the social construction of gender.

Read the Introduction to The Infinite Self below.

©Jon Mallek 2010-2016

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