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Introduction - the Nomadic Oracle as a Healing Artefact.

Divination has never simply been a question of seeking answers to our own dilemmas, trials and tribulations. It can also be used to explore some of the deeper questions surrounding energy work, the human experience of life and the nature of a decidedly synchronous, second order of reality. Ultimately all clues will be hugely supportive of any holistic approach to healing. They will provide answers, not just how to heal but why such approaches succeed or fail.

The Nomadic Oracle is particularly powerful in this respect. Through its very structure, any 7-Card Spread can be related directly to the energy centres of an individual. The spreads are modular and are capable of divining accurate responses to profound questions. And through the activity of colour-mapping, the Oracle provides the practitioner with an accessible way to comprehend and communicate the answers.

However, it's necessary at this point to inject a note of caution. The Nomadic Oracle may help to contextualise a problem and understand what to do about it. However it will not, in-and-of-itself, solve the problem for you. Assuming that your healing goals are achievable, they can only ever succeed through your own commitment and/or that of healing and medical practitioners, and with positive energy drawn from the universe.

Neither the Nomadic Oracle nor any other divination system should be seen as a diagnostic tool. It is only one lens through which to investigate a problem. Other lenses include reflexology, counselling, medical consultation and MRI scanners. To rely solely on one perspective will never give you the whole picture. Such an approach would not be holistic.

This page is a summary of some of the things we have discovered through use of the Nomadic Oracle. It includes discussions of the Oracle's cosmology, some perspectives on the human energy body, and the Nomadic Oracle's view of Reiki healing.

the Healer card

With a tool of shamanic divination as wise and practical as the Nomadic Oracle,
you can ask many questions.

We asked two:
"What is the true purpose of the human Emotional Body?" and
"Where does the healing energy of Reiki come from?"

The Oracle's answers to these questions made coherent sense but the enquiry didn't stop there.
Colour-mapping the subsequent card readings brought an easy way to visualise the interface between the Self and terrestrial energies of the background 'flux'. The role of the Heart Chakra, for example, was easy to determine in each spread.

The universe brought extraordinarily relevant stories. Over the months which followed, the accumulation of all of this information greatly helped us to see into the deeper perceptions offered by this amazing shamanic artefact in answering these questions.

As a healer, the Nomadic Oracle has often brought profound insight
helping many people to open their hearts and walk their paths with greater confidence.

Working with the cards has helped on many occasions to heal the difficulties and turbulence which exist between the emotions and the intellect. This healing has often been impersonal, in the sense that it has illuminated and eventually resolved the situation as a whole. Healing in this case may be thought of as repair - a stitching together of disparate links. When it is achieved, it is by seeing the world, and the situation, as flows of energy in preference to one of stories and narratives. The healing can be thought of as a harmonious blending of these energies. This is often far easier to achieve when narrative attachments are dispensed with.

On other occasions, the healing has been far more personal, bringing both Self-empowerment and an awareness of probable future events. And so often, confirmation of an information stream which originates in a second and quite separate order of reality. The world of synchronicity, shamanic knowledge, healing through divination, and far more.

The benefit received by the recipient of a reading takes the form of an information 'package'. This information is split into, or differentiated by, at least five distinct zones or energy 'frequencies'. And, in a 7-Card Spread, there are three points of guidance.

The Aura, the Emotional Body...

the human aura

An 'orthodox' visualisation of the basic human chakra system and the aura.

Each person has an aura, an interface between their own energies and those of the background 'flux'. The aura and the chakras channel energy between them. This energy is differentiated by the frequencies of the chakras.

There are many chakras, but the simplest representation shows a series of 7 major energy centres or portals running the length of the spine and through the skull.

A great number of graphic illustrations and visualisations exist which attempt to describe them. People feel them, and also sense or see the surrounding aura, in a host of different ways. Artists and healers trying to describe the shamanic world of energy sometimes struggle to represent them. Both knowledge of their existence and the feelings they communicate are very subtle.

Traditionally these major chakras are given numbers. In the Nomadic Oracle they are represented in colour by a rainbow spectrum rising from the darkest Red of the Root Chakra, through Orange, Yellow, Green and Pink, to Blue, Violet and transparency. The Green and Pink of the central chakra represents Earth's duality. In the Oracle the element describes all that is solid and practical, and also compassion, courage and a connection to Nature. Yet the Heart Chakra rests at the start of an adventure - a transcendence from the 'mundane' realm of mental, emotional and physical energies, into a separate, more ethereal reality. This is a portal to a shamanic, natural world of Spirit and the beginning of any path to ascension.

No matter how they are visualised or colour-mapped, the various sensations of living - action, passion, thought, communication etc. - are directly or indirectly associated with one or another of the chakras.

The Emotional Body is related to the second chakra, the Sacral, traditionally shown in Orange. Curiously, the Sacral Chakra has no independent way of expressing itself. Emotional expression is via the Root Chakra, as passion, or through the Solar Plexus Chakra relating to the will and the mind. Noting this, the Nomadic Oracle blends the emotions into its understanding of both action and the intellect. The tag Water in the Nomadic Oracle represents the emotional mind. Below it, Fire is a blend of actions and their associated emotions. Although unorthodox, this visualisation reflects the felt effect of the Emotional Body and the Sacral Chakra. Far from de-prioritising the emotions, this provides the Oracle with two ways to express them in a reading – through both the Fire and Water positions – enabling the pack to refer to complex, multi-layered emotional experiences. The Oracle places passion in the Root and compassion, beyond the watery realm of the ego, in the Heart. This, again, reflects lived reality; the experience of strongly felt compassion and unconditional love creates a distinct physical sensation in the chest. To argue that love is simply an emotional response and belongs entirely in the emotional mind would be to flatten one of the most visceral and fundamental of human experiences.

Visualising the background energetic flux.

the aura v the terrestrial flux

The aura and the terrestrial background flux.
An Information Angel rises from root to crown through this interplay of energies.

Around us at all times is a flux of energies which originates beyond the Self. Through the two-way exchange of the aura, it shares its energies with the chakras. The incoming background energies are seen as having the same arrangement of frequencies as the chakras. Visualising this background as subtle bands of energy not only helps the individual contextualise the incoming energies around them, it also helps us to colour-map Nomadic Oracle card readings.

In a 7-Card Spread - read vertically from the Receptive to the Creative as an 'Information Angel' - the sequence of energies runs Fire - Water - Earth - Air - Consciousness. An Information Angel bears a strong resemblance to the human chakra system, and represents the way the chakras are conforming to or rebelling against the situation. This allows us to visualise the effects of the background 'terrestrial flux' – the amazing love or the terrifying assault of the incoming energy stream – and how our own energies are responding to it. This is what chakras do and is why many folk seek rebalancing from time-to-time.

Significantly, from a human perspective planet earth appears to have a similar arrangement: a hot, compressed core, the oceans, the terrestrial surface upon which we live, an atmosphere and, beyond this, an ever-lighter and less differentiated field of titanic forces and subtle energetic influence. This similarity could be 'evidence' of a system or of a conjunction of energies beyond our comprehension. Perhaps it is no more than a truly cosmic coincidence.

The Healer card, Water in the Realm of Abundance, brings with it a thought. Water is related to a blend of the intellect and its associated emotional energies. To the Oracle all healing begins here, in the mind.

Even negative emotions may serve some purpose.

incandescent rage

Incandescent rage or hoppin' mad?
A flaring, negative Sacral energy-burst sent downwards to the Root Chakra.

The Nomadic Oracle makes a distinction in the way it approaches the emotions. On the one hand, each 7-Card Spread offers two positions (Fire and Water) which can reflect events within the emotional body. On the other hand, the Oracle contains an entire Aspect, the Family of the Emotions, relating to certain common habitual emotional states, through which the ego exerts its influence. This setup reflects a key difference between everyday emotional responses or mood, and the habitual emotional strategies unconsciously developed in childhood to protect the individual from incursion and interference. The energies described by the Family of the Emotions are generally negative in their impact on any freedom-loving adult. They restrict the adventure of life to a narrow minimum and result in a sense of the mundane being all that is knowable.

We realised that even negative aspects of the emotional body may have another, far more interesting role to play. Effectively it appears that they can actually assist the life-force, the Kundalini, in its quest for freedom. The life-force uses our emotional vulnerability on occasion to undermine or override the mind and the ego. To take control in order to ensure survival.

If the life-force feels contained and restricted by external, freedom negating energies blocking the emotional mind, the pressure may build over time. Eventually, given even the slightest trigger, the resulting explosion of passionate emotion will be profound. Sometimes the effects are terrifying, damaging, even abusive, and we would never seek to justify the harm inflicted by an individual at such moments. Nevertheless, if the Heart Chakra can be kept open through these extreme events, and with the participation of the infinite universe, the explosive energy of the Kundalini unleashed may sweep all before it.

The resulting action might be ruthless perhaps, but even a negative emotional outburst like this, moderated by an open heart, can result in immaculate action and a renewed sense of freedom for the individual. Think of it as fighting fire with fire.

The above example illustrates such a scenario with a particular reference to anger, most likely represented in the Oracle by Debt & Domination. This is partly because such moments can be the most visceral. It is particularly necessary here to note the difference between abusive rage, which does not help anyone, and the explosive escape from restrictive conditions, which may or may not include an element of righteous fury. However, the process described above, in which the life-force releases itself with the participation of the Heart Chakra in harmony with universal assistance, can manifest through any emotion. From hysterical laughter (perhaps Jester Snowbird) to complete emotional blanking (Private Party), in the right context, any member of the Family of the Emotions, with or without a Jester, could be associated with such an event.

Where does Reiki come from?

For many people seeking awareness Reiki healing can be a significant key experience but is it possible to ask where this energy comes from? At Ambient Studio Thailand on 1st January 2014, we put this question to the Nomadic Oracle.

Jon suggested an opening question: "Do Reiki energy and the information stream into which the Nomadic Oracle taps come from the same source?"
Nomadic Oracle: "Jester". As a single card answer, Jester always means "no".
Jon: "Where does Reiki come from?"
He placed 9 cards on the table. It was a modified 7-Card Spread with the 8th position showing what was excluded from the process and the 9th describing what lay above.

Nomadic Oracle:
"Reiki gathers over time (Gathering), symbolically through the left hand, and can be distributed (Perspective, in the right hand) to anyone, possibly even beyond the horizon. It requires a wide-open Heart Chakra - trust, universal love, compassion, courage. Specifically excluded from the process are 'vampire threads' - territorialising, low frequency influences or intentions. To achieve this, the Root Chakra must be placed in transition and the emotional/intellectual energies of the 2nd and 3rd chakras tuned to overcome any sense of judgement and prejudice. The Receptive Principle (Shakti) will rise to the 6th chakra. This action, if fully protected at all frequencies, displaces awareness, lifting consciousness to a new position above the head. The eye will then open at a higher, even more diffuse frequency within the energy stream (Seeing). Reiki can then be drawn from above. The Receptive Principle will fully occupy the Creative. It follows that Reiki cannot be used or misused for creative purposes."

...an interpretation of the reading - any other would likely be consistent with this one.

colour-map, where does Reiki come from

In the discussion which followed, Olav, one of Ambient Studio's most avid collaborators and an experienced master and long-time exponent of Sichem Tera-Mai and Reiki, said that the information was clearly in agreement with what was generally taught about the source of this extraordinary energy.

Jon said that maybe it was, but perhaps only to some extent.
"I'm interested in the implications of the role being played by the Heart Chakra here. The Oracle has used the higher threshold, The Drum. The path must be entirely open. There's more to this. I have a feeling it's about the power of the heart. The Heart Chakra is no ordinary portal. Is there a dimensional shift, an event horizon which exists within the centre? A fractal power which comes from beyond or from within the centre-of-being? This reading might suggest that Reiki forms through a conjunction of energies. From above, yes, but also through the Self."

"If the Oracle's understanding of human energy is valid, and we've seen this so many times now that I personally no longer doubt it, Reiki is related to the shaman's art of hands-on healing. A shaman's wisdom is organic, in harmony with Nature and fully attuned to the heart. But not everyone walks an honest path - there would be no checks to counter-balance or channel the fear-dependent energies sometimes evoked by a shaman."

"It's interesting to see that Reiki can't be used for creative purposes and that predatory intentions and actions are excluded from the process. I have met people who try to experiment with Reiki - by randomly sexualising it, for example. It seems that what they are doing isn't Reiki. Note that Fire is generally excluded. We have Water, Earth, Air and Consciousness. There's a natural raising of energy from the left to the right hand - from gatherer to giver the frequencies rise from Water to Earth. But no Fire at all. No action, no passion - it's a picture of passivity."

sketch/colour-map/the Nomadic Oracle's description of a Reiki shower

An 'elevated seer' perhaps?
A sketch/colour-map of the Nomadic Oracle's description of a Reiki shower.

Later, after the reading had been circulated to others working with the Ambient Studio project, Jon received an e-mail from a younger, naturally sensitive and attuned Reiki healer:
"I'm not sure you've explored Vampire Threads fully. Sometimes when I connect to Reiki I get a kind of bolt of energy that goes through me almost like an electric shock, from my crown right down to the soles of my feet, only lasting an instant. I think this indicates that the Reiki isn't JUST propelled from above by my Higher Self or drawn in by my heart. It has a kind of natural downward direction, and in that moment I'm acting like a lightning mast. This is where Vampire Threads comes in."

"The root meaning of this card is of an energy drain. These occur when something of higher energy comes into contact with something of lower energy, and energy flows from the former to the latter, potentially until equilibrium is achieved. This is what gives the former the sense of being drained and the latter the sense of being energised. What Vampire Threads is doing in 8th position is pointing out this downward 'pull' of energy. The world in which we live is a lower energy frequency to the plane we connect to when we channel Reiki. As a result, Reiki energy shoots 'down' into the terrestrial world through our energy body, which presumably is bridging the gap or acting as a conductor. Don't focus on the 'negative' meanings of Vampire Threads - really all it's doing is pointing out that 'what lies below' is a lower frequency than 'what lies above'."

conjunction between an elevated 3rd eye and a wide-open heart

Reiki energy - a conjunction between an ascendent third eye
and a wide-open heart?

A brief question for traditionalists.
One which often crops up when describing the Nomadic Oracle's cosmology.

Is the Oracle, along with a host of people working with energy, misguided in suggesting that Fire be located in the Root Chakra? And by inference, if not for love, that Earth is the more appropriate tag for the Heart?

To many this will appear to be a silly, spurious question, but getting it right matters when attempting to contextualise the subtle energies of the chakra system. When working with personal energies such as the chakras or the Kundalini, it helps to visualise a chakral relationship which can be made personal and real.

It's certainly no spurious argument. The coarse physical body shares the same rainbow arrangement as the higher, 'ethereal' self. The same is true of our perceived energy relationship with the planet. The Nomadic Oracle proposes a 'unified system' for these tags, a visualisation which includes planet earth and the terrestrial flux. Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Consciousness. Smell, taste, touch, sound, sight. Although in all probability a metaphor, this works and has been seen to work.

Fire is the foundation energy of the Universe. Fire is the ultimate source of all life and creates, through its action, all known forms of fuel. As odd as it may seem, Fire is also the densest 'element'. In its raw state as elemental plasma, it is the only one able to create and withstand the unimaginable densities at the centre of a 'self-igniting' birthing star or an imploding/exploding super-nova. The element belongs to the Root Chakra.

There are spiritual systems which place Fire elsewhere. One suggestion is that perhaps the issue was obscured and mystified in the deep past to make the element less accessible to the uninitiated. Too many folks obsessing over or acting out their fearful visions of hell? Perhaps this kind of horror was mitigated by placing Fire in the heart for safe-keeping.

To confuse the rising, Tantric rainbow serpent - the Kundalini - with other base or root rising energies would be a mistake of the unresolved. Perhaps it was that. Bad things have happened when this element is misappropriated by confused individuals and those of evil intent.

The questions above are not rhetorical, they are intended as contributions to an ongoing discussion. We hope you have found something intriguing on this page, but the inquiry does not stop here. If your own approaches to the Nomadic Oracle have given you something to add, or if you want to discuss anything you have read in this section, we would love to hear from you! Please send us an email via the Contact form, or connect with the Nomadic Oracle on Facebook.