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Extracts from the 2nd Edition
#3 "Discernment - the sense of taste"
pages 98 - 103

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The Nomadic Oracle

 by  Jon Mallek
 published by  mattang book

Most of the cards in the Oracle are 'Aspects'. The 'Aspects' represent energies which have a neutral vibration. They may be static, neither incoming nor outgoing in direction and can be personal or impersonal.

However Discernment is not an Aspect but a Sense. The energies of such cards are outgoing from the self - they represent subjective responses to the flux which surrounds an event.

Discernment represents free-choice. It is a Water card describing the mental and emotional energies of an individual.

Discernment has shown itself to be deeply rooted in healing, a connection which is explored in the book.

Traditionally within the histories of divination it is an oracle's work to bring both personal empowerment and an awareness of the future. To this, the Nomadic Oracle adds healing - pure shamanic healing - which inevitably begins in the mind. In the Nomadic Oracle divination, self-realisation and healing are inextricably linked.

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