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Kundalini - Fire in The Realm of The Active Path - represents the life-force. The Oracle's message for this traveller on the path of life?

"Give it all you've got!"

painted drawing: thumbnail illustration of colour map of multiple spreads

Flying Lessons (Fire in The Realm of Guidance) swept away all sense of tiredness late one evening.

The recipient and a friend had arrived at Ambient Studio in the sleepy heat of a tropical afternoon. She was already tired, but late in the evening she asked Jon for a reading. Jon suggested to do it the next day when they were both fresh, but sensing her disappointment, he drew a single card from the pack. The Fire card Flying Lessons speaks of immediate and active guidance – the universe was already getting involved.

The appearance of this card was apt. The recipient said that she would very soon be leaving for the mainland. That night was the only real opportunity for a reading.

painted drawing: large size illustration: colour map of multiple spreads

Perking up, they cast a Five-Card Perspective spread, which raised some quite intriguing possibilities. As information emerged, 7-Card Spreads were dealt to each of the four Cardinals. By now quite awake, they watched a thread of the recipient's future unfold in the cards.

The power and the illumination, or 'enlightenment', suggested in these spreads was extraordinary. The reading offered the recipient a clear choice, one suggested by the Discernment card and described in the path taken by The Return. The reading was taken as a future projection, speaking of a time which had not yet arrived.

The resulting SuperSpread indicated an urban journey through The Realm of the Active Path, massively empowered through the action of Kundalini - the energy of the recipient's life-force. When she arrived back in Europe, she received Jon's colour map as a pdf.

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