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Sample Readings:
#1 pure self-empowerment!
relying on past strengths & achievements!

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The sample readings section on this site is intended mainly for existing practitioners. It offers several good examples of the colour-mapping excercise but, due to the complexities involved, we cannot claim that you will readily understand all of it unless you are familiar with the Nomadic Oracle.

The Nomadic Oracle concentrates its energies using a relatively small number of cards.
This page describes the kind of subtle insight the Oracle recently brought to the table through two such 7-Card Spreads.

When a woman becomes pregnant others may worry about how she is handling her new situation. Anxiety is a contagious energy. It often ends up denying someone the confidence and empowerment they need to sustain themselves and to enjoy and recognise the changes they are undertaking. If the anxious ones are close family members, the effect deepens and complexities emerge.

Advice that in other circumstances could easily be dealt with - accepted as appropriate or otherwise rejected - now comes fully-loaded with implications. Even a casual, joking remark like "I wouldn't do that in your condition" may have to be examined and challenged, discussed and evaluated.

"Where will you live?" "How will you manage?" "What will you do?"

Undoubtebly these are well intended questions but all are capable of deflecting an individual from more positive information streams. Since other emotional energies are involved, the result of this projected unease can leave a person feeling abused and unnaturally vulnerable, just when they need to be at their strongest and most resilient.

The question:
Can this sense of unease and anxiety be healed even though its causes are both within and beyond the Self?

The First Reading

Colour map: first reading

The first reading might be interpreted something like this:

"Healing the heart lies at the very centre of your approach to the Oracle."

"You are bound to feel that things are at a standstill, but it is important to focus on relaxation at this time."

"The unease which is being communicated, and which you obviously care about, can be repaired."

"It will be necessary to begin again and find a different way of talking about the situation."

"You are very aware of the distinctions and can see the emotional responses at play here."

"Trusting the strength and clarity which you relied on in the past will guide you."

"It will be important to remain patient and calm."

"This may bring confidence to the other people involved who doubt your ability to cope with the fundamental transition you are heading towards."

Okay, but how did we reach this interpretation?

In a 7-Card Spread such as this, the pattern which emerges is first read from left to right, along the 'terrestrial line'. The cards are then interpreted gradually radiating out from the centre, incorporating the lower and upper cards, then finally those at the bottom and top.

terrestrial line and information angel

Once an interpretation is established the spread can then also be read and reinterpreted vertically from the Receptive to the Creative as an 'Information Angel'.

The Context to this first reading is Shadow (Fire in the Realm of Transition) which speaks of becoming stuck, the inertia felt in a pre-nourished transitional phase.

In the Om Point, at the heart of the matter, we find Healer (Water in the Realm of Abundance), suggesting that healing is the central issue here.

The Practical Guidance card, Legacy (Air in the Realm of Time), suggests that the lessons of the past can be used to guide the practitioner's approach to the present situation.

The three cards located along the terrestrial line suggest a clear progression through the matter at hand. In the simplest possible terms the Oracle is saying "In the context of your feeling of inertia, this is only the first phase of a new cycle. Healing plays a key practical role in your progression from this point. For guidance, look to what you have learned in the past." However, this is modified by two further cards.

Below, in the Undercurrent, is Discernment, the outward-going Sense of Taste, representing choice – perhaps a mental or emotional decision which isn't so obvious from a surface reading of the situation.

Above, in the Overview, sits Snowbird (Water in the Family of the Emotions), indicating that an obvious aspect of the situation is emotional pain, either occupying the communication stream or being generated by it.

Snowbird and Discernment are both Water cards describing the intellectual and emotional energies pervading the situation. Through their play we can see that the real challenge to healing lies in emotional pain related to communication, and that subtle or implicit personal choices underpin this matter.

In the Receptive position Stopping the World (Earth in the Realm of Time) suggests that the practitioner might absorb or adopt an energy of patient relaxation...

...whereas the Creative Guidance position at the top contains, in Sunrise (Fire in the Realm of Time), a strong suggestion that the conditions for an active restart are imminent.

It is clear that the best choices are made when the individual is relaxed. A relaxation in the Receptive would certainly support clarity in the mental/emotional activity of decision making, which in turn would support attempts to heal the emotional pain in communication. When this route is taken, opportunities to actively restart become easier to access at the highest level. Armed with the lessons taken from past experiences, this process should help the practitioner break free from the inertia described in the Context position.

How it works

Most of the 56 cards in the Oracle are Aspects, organised into Families and Realms. These cards are 'neutral' in that they specify neither the direction nor the source of the energies they are describing. Their energies may be subtle or blatant but they are definitely present and it is up to the practitioner to work out whether their origin lies within the Self or external to the situation.

Interpretations for most cards will depend on their position in a reading. Understanding the relevance of each position will help the practitioner clarify what is implied by these 'neutral' Aspect cards each time they appear. In other words, when the Aspect card Snowbird appeared in the above reading, we knew that it meant emotional pain. Its placement in the Overview told us that this pain was occupying or blocking the communication stream. However, it was still up to us to work out whether this pain was being communicated by others or by the Self.

Each Aspect card represents one of the elemental frequencies - from Fire to Consciousness - in one of eight Families or Realms. Colour-mapping begins by assigning colours to each of the frequencies. As a result, the Aspect cards can be colour coded according to their particular frequency within the Family or Realm they belong to.

fire, water, earth, air, consciouness

In a 7-Card Spread, the cards are thought of as points of information resonating within a background flux of energies permeating the Self or the situation. The structure of a spread corresponds to this background flux and the positions follow the same colour scheme as the cards.

The Overview, with its panoramic perspective, represents Air and concerns itself with communication. The Undercurrent position, representing Water (naturally), relates to the mind, the intellect and the emotions which attach to these parts of the human organism.

For example, in the Overview position of the first reading, Snowbird's job was to suggest that unhappy energy was being communicated. The Overview's native element, Air, is represented by the colour blue. In the Nomadic Oracle, Snowbird's equally colourless element, Water, is represented by yellow fading to orange. So when colour-mapped, Snowbird in the Overview might look like this:

Snowbird in Air

The Oracle's dynamic sense of direction comes through the incoming energies of the five Elements & Spirits cards, and their counterparts, the outgoing, internally generated energies of the Senses. Discernment, the Sense of Taste, is twinned with the Elements & Spirits of Water.

Placed in the Undercurrent in the first reading, Discernment suggested a particularly strong, outgoing mental/emotional energy was at play. We interpreted this as the ability for the person in question to make their own choices. The activity of this Water card in the Water-affiliated Undercurrent position can be colour-mapped like this:

Discernment in Water

The arrows show the direction, outgoing from the Self and the situation being examined.

In this way, an established reading can be noted down using the appropriate colours for each card's elemental affinity. The process can be highly polished and elaborate, producing a stunning, unique and meaningful work of art or consist of nothing more than quick scribbles with a set of colouring pencils. Either way it will draw out further insights from the reading as elemental associations become more obvious. From a quick glance at the example reading above, we can immediately see that, at its core, the issue is about mental and emotional energy, signified by the orange-yellow of the three central Water cards.

The Second Reading

Colour map: Second reading

When the first reading had been 'established' - that is once the information had fully been revealed to the recipient, she asked the Oracle to continue, again using a 7-Card Spread. All the cards were reshuffled and a fresh reading was cast.

"...and, in the past..."

The most noticeable feature of the second reading is the restatement, in the Context, of Legacy (Air in the Realm of Time) which uniquely talks of the past. Legacy serves as a reminder that, once written, the past cannot be unwritten.

At the Om Point in the centre resides The Dreamer (Air in the Family of Protection). At the heart of this reading is an ability to see the links between otherwise disparate or unconnected information and to trust the gift of adapting to new circumstances as they arise. The Dreamer often speaks of protection and innovation through inaccessibility and random action, and of learning from first principles. This helps a person to avoid ways of being which are bound-up in idioms and social graces.

Below, in the Undercurrent, is the Consciousness card from the Family of the Emotions. Inner Child talks of protecting oneself from the emotional energies in a situation, or in the Self. It also suggests that such action will inevitably help to protect the aura, or the vibe - the collective ambiance of an event.

In the panoramic view offered by the Overview resides Ritual Intention (Water in the Realm of the Active Path). Ritual Intention speaks of bringing one's intention into sharp focus, and of not being diverted from one's process. In this position the message is to communicate one's intentions and the strengths of one's purpose. It talks of never becoming skewed, twisted or demoralised by fear or anxiety.

Significantly, all three of the guidance positions which in the first reading were given to the Realm of Time, are now occupied by Earth cards. Stopping the World, which previously offered essential guidance as to what to focus on in the Receptive now moves to the Practical Future Guidance - effectively how to walk one's path on Earth. In this case, the guidance is to relax.

In the Creative Guidance position is The Cauldron (Earth in the Realm of Abundance). This card is one of two dedicated to fertility, in this case a manifestation of the processes of life, nature and transformation. The recipient would do best to seek a high understanding of the powerful natural forces shaping her situation, and to go with the flow.

Sanctuary (Earth in the Realm of Territories) now occupies the Receptive. In this position, Sanctuary talks of the need for personal space and practical facilities. This is the emerging focus of the reading.

The second reading builds a picture of a person who is relaxed about practical matters, trusting an ability to see the connections as they occur in the Here & Now. By so doing she is able to bring The Cauldron, the Process of Life, into awareness.

Fully trusting the Process requires far more than simple mental energy. If not supported by some form of ideology, this needs determination and stamina, and a desire to avoid being over-influenced by the opinions of others. The individual would appreciate the benefits of having a secure and stable heart-space from which to operate.

Through this pair of readings the Oracle suggests a solution to the problem of anxiety and unease blocking the communication stream. The recipient should continue to trust the strengths and lessons she has developed in the past, be confident in her own decisions and work from the heart, across artificial barriers. There is healing to be done, and this can be achieved partly by speaking her truth, deliberately and with clear intention. The need for sanctuary or heart-space provides a practical focus, helping to protect her own emotional integrity at this time. However, in many ways, all she needs to do is to wait the situation out and stay relaxed, whilst consciously engaging with the powerful natural process transforming her life.


Visitors already familiar with the Nomadic Oracle will not be surprised by the way this reading delivers its message - the uncanny accuracy with which it gets to the heart of a problem, and the way it then maintains the connection, in this case through the Legacy card.

Even so, this reading is special. The two spreads are given as containers. The 'key' which unlocks the first spread is the role played by three members of the Realm of Time - Sunrise, Stopping the World and Legacy, which surround the core of the reading in the Creative, Receptive and Practical Guidance positions. Likewise, the second reading is contained by three Earth cards - The Cauldron, Sanctuary and Stopping the World. The first reading describes a play on time; the second reading is a play on Earth, whose traditional attributes include both fertility and grounding. And within this, the most astounding symbolism. A card called Inner Child sits in a position connected to the second and third Chakras, major energy centres located in the abdomen.

Through the foldings and re-foldings of these two spreads, the Oracle is describing the miraculous state-of-being called 'pregnancy' and the power and clarity one receives by trusting the Process. Working with the Nomadic Oracle is always an adventure. When carried out in circumstances which permit a suspension of disbelief, to work with the Nomadic Oracle is to connect directly with the greater universe.

At this time it seems easy to find links between the arts of healing and any form of divination. Certainly the Nomadic Oracle is often asked for advice - to heal a person, a situation, or both. On occasion, the Nomadic Oracle goes further, by visualising a direct link between the energies of the reading, the background 'flux' and the Chakra system of the participant.

Visit the Healing Oracle where the terrestrial background and its impact on the aura is visualised and discussed. There, the Oracle reveals some colourful links between divination, self-empowerment, and a shaman's art of healing through the organic energies of Nature. To the Nomadic Oracle all is energy, and energy is all.

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