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Extracts from the 2nd Edition
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Two 7-card Spreads Was this a Warning? the Tracker's Dilemma
you are here Introductions Discernment, the Sense of Taste the Infinite Self
Can you Picture a Thought? Colour Mapping and Creativity the Journey

The Nomadic Oracle

 by  Jon Mallek
 published by  mattang book

The 2nd edition of the Nomadic Oracle guidebook is an illustrated 465-page paperback.

The guide has been fully re-designed and expanded by over 320 pages since the 1st edition. It is intended primarily as a reference book for Nomadic Oracle practitioners, and contains a great many further insights into the second order of reality and our place within it.

Many aspects of shamanic are contained within these pages - knowledge that author Jon Mallek has sought over many years of almost complete immersion in Nature.

For students of shamanic divination, healing and mysticism, nomadic thinkers and those seeking personal empowerment, the book will make an excellent top-down read.

©Jon Mallek 2010-2016

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freedom of choice
the sense of taste

kundalini in action
link to the healing oracle page what are 'time-marks'? it's fine to be sceptical!

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the terrestrial background flux link to the tracker's dilemma colour mapping the life-path link to 2nd sample reading page link to book extract Monkey sits on a bridge to awareness in this double spread


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