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Colour mapping Nomadic Oracle readings

& staying in touch with personal creativity!

painted drawing: thumbnail illustration of colour map with 3 linked readings

Personal creativity plays huge with the Nomadic Oracle because it forms a link to freedom. This is achieved by forging ahead with changes we can create for ourselves, independent of any external influence. In this sense 'creating the conditions for our lives' and 'personal creativity' are the same thing. In the Nomadic Oracle, such an undertaking is the province of The Realm of the Active Path.

The three readings are a sequence which occurred over a period of several months. Grace, the central and balancing influence within the Infinite Self, appeared in each reading and was the major theme in interpreting the spreads. For an introduction to the Infinite Self, go here.

The form a colour-map takes may be quite playful or decorative, as it is in this case. However the underlying communication - the 'established' meaning of a reading - remains unaltered. The intention behind colour-mapping is to help see the readings as flows of energies in preference to the narratives and stories which created them. The addition of small doodles and glyphs simply amplifies the effect.

colour mapping: a sequence of 3 readings

In a colour-map all of the colours are chosen by the Nomadic Oracle. In a 7-Card Spread at least both the cards and the positions are colour-coded.

This does not mean that there is no room for creative expression within the process. In fact it is the opposite. Representing a reading in this way both encourages and sponsors a wish or even a need to indulge in a little artistic play.

Serious intent lies behind this activity. The cards are removed from the 'arena' of interpretation. During the drawing process inspiration and insight often flow free. New links are forged. The heart may open to the reading through the emerging tones and tonalities of the colour-map. The soundless murmurings of the heart-mind somehow become a little more familiar.

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