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#2 the 'Turning of Shiva' - a warning?
Perspective in the Om Point can mean 'everyone'.

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You can ask the Nomadic Oracle anything you like.

As part of a wider 'conversation' with the Oracle about the current global state-of-play,
we asked a question and received a huge amount of very detailed information.

The question was:

     "What would you like on the front cover of the new book?"

An odd question perhaps - however the Oracle has proved itself capable of profound, far-reaching and subtle observations. The front cover is the face it presents to the world. We knew that questions would always be treated with consideration and deliver clarity but even so, these readings were extraordinary.

Original artwork for book-cover design :painted drawing

original artwork for the cover design

A Perspective Reading

In the SuperSpread which follows, all aspects, all people and all frequencies are brought together in an extraordinarily complex communication.

Five cards were placed on the table. An Om Point in the centre surrounded by four 'Cardinals' indicating four different directions, like compass points.

In a 5-Card Spread or 'Perspective Reading' the idea is to perceive the reading as flat, or horizontal, like a map. Each of the four Cardinals can indicate a different path or direction. Sometimes they have a clear 'family resemblance' or an energetic agreement which in itself will guide the interpretation. In this case they form a sequence, read in the order in which the cards emerged.

Colour drawing: the basic 5-card spread

On this occasion, the first card to emerge from the pack was Perspective, the Earth card in the Realm of Guidance. Was it pure coincidence which placed Perspective at the Om Point of a reading itself referred to as a 'Perspective Reading'? Perspective is the 'Compass Card', the navigational centre of the Nomadic Oracle. The card's energy is always inclusive and all-encompassing - it speaks of seeing things from the widest possible viewpoint and developing an awareness of the views of other people. Sometimes, it will suggest "everyone".

The four Cardinals surrounding Perspective were:

1. Emergence (Consciousness in the Family of Transition)
2. Guidance (Air in the Realm of Guidance)
3. The Elements & Spirits of Air, and
4. Give & Take (Fire in the Realm of Abundance)

Taken at face-value and in sequence, the four Cardinals interpret as:

"Something is emerging or the changing situation is crystalising in some way. In order to understand this, you will need to seek guidance. More information is or will be incoming and the result will create the conditions for fair exchange and holding space for other people."

Sometimes 5-Card Spreads are easy to interpret but here the message, lacking an overall context, needed clarification.

We decided to cast a 7-Card Spread for each of the Cardinals, reshuffling the entire pack between deals. The sense of the Cardinal would provide the context for its particular spread. This has become our regular method of expanding a 5-Card Perspective Spread if the interpretation cannot be 'established' quickly. The four additional readings are each considered in an upward direction from the Receptive to the Creative.

The resulting 7-Card Spreads brought some clues. One of the most noticeable features was that all five members of the Family of the Emotions were present. Each spread contained at least one member of the Family - the final spread had two. Their progression was an orderly descent from Air, through Earth and Water to Fire. The protective Consciousness card, Inner Child, also showed in the final reading.

The Family of the Emotions describes the existence of negative, drama-based emotional disturbances within the Self or the situation. They are acquired during childhood and are the source of the ego - personal, interpersonal or collective. The Consciousness card in the Family of the Emotions is Inner Child, which talks of the need to protect oneself and the situation from spurious and damaging negative emotional responses. The source of such energies is open to interpretation and may include the Self. This suggests a common theme - a downward crystalisation of egotistical emotional energies into their basest form - and hints at a resolution.

In the same way, all five of the Elements & Spirits were involved. These are incoming energies at different frequencies:

- action and passion (Fire),
- thought and its associated mental emotions (Water),
- practicalities in their play with the ethereal subconscious (Earth),
- communication at all levels (Air)
- and fresh, accumulated 'higher' awareness (Consciousness).

Once these features had been observed, an interpretation quickly followed:

1. "Something is emerging or the changing situation is crystalising in some way"...

"The situation you are facing appears to be a problem. There is a conjunction - a dynamic intersection of frequencies between higher awareness and the mundane - which is troubling you. You may feel as if you have reached a crossroad. You are aware of a large body of informed opinion, effectively a meta-opinion supported by rising consciousness, which is driving this situation and generating new insights.”

“At the same time, you may be struggling to balance your duties and responsibilities with the incoming practical demands of the situation. This may be a question of scale – a practical conflict between personal needs and impersonal necessities. The result is a compression from all sides. The heart responds by closing off, flooded with emotional alienation. This alienation, from Nature or from love perhaps, has all the indications of being a personal or collective ego response. Such a block to the heart, and to the heart-of-the matter, will cause a lack of compassion, trust and courage. Access to the subtle murmurings of the heart-mind will prove impossible.”

“You might feel that this alienation is blocking your ability to communicate, and reach the highest levels of awareness. However knowledge of how to harmonise the situation will come from seeking balance within the Self and engaging in two-way communication with others.”

“Guidance is available, in the form of deep, immediate insights at the highest levels of consciousness. If you are aware at any level that this is the case, you could appeal to your heart for the answer. Given the nature of what is emerging, the way forward will be to accept all the information and create the conditions necessary to work with your higher order insights, without compromise. To do this, it will be necessary to open the heart. This will be achieved by detaching yourself from the ultimately self-serving emotional alienation you are presently experiencing."

The 7-Card Spreads on this page are interactive. Hover over the title of each card in turn to reveal its contribution. At the end of each section you can find the original hand-drawn colour-map of the reading.

The Context of this spread is Emergence, Consciousness in the Family of Transition.


Insight Insight (Consciousness in the Realm of Guidance) is in the Creative. The Oracle suggests allowing our insights to guide us into the future.


Grace In the Overview, Grace - the central member of The Infinite Self - speaks of balance and harmony in communication.


Duty & Obligation On the terrestrial line, Duty & Obligation (Earth in the Family of Transition) speaks of practical contracts and responsibilities, to others and to the Self.

Private Party In the Om Point and at the centre of this reading is Private Party (Air in the Family of the Emotions) signifying emotional alienation.

Elements & Spirits of EarthIn the Terrestrial Guidance Position, Earth highlights the need to address incoming practicalities.


Elements & Spirits of WaterIn the Undercurrent, the Elements & Spirits of Water is related to incoming mental energy. In this position it is Water in Water. The thoughts being expressed are strongly stated - an undercurrent of expert opinion perhaps.


Elements & Spirits of ConsciousnessIn the Receptive and clearly in support of the card above, in this position The Elements & Spirits of Consciousness suggests that the high level awareness around us is there to be received and focused on. It would be beneficial to channel this energy through our actions, or allow it to moderate them.


Consciousness floods this exceptionally powerful reading yet at its heart lies alienation.

The set of readings begins with the huge combined energies of The Elements & Spirits of Consciousness in the Receptive and The Elements & Spirits of Water, on its 'spot' in the Undercurrent. Yet, in an otherwise highly auspicious reading, full of awareness and communicating harmony, what is Private Party doing at the heart-of-the-matter in the Om Point?

Clearly, one's obligations should balance one's (incoming) practical needs. The Earth cards Duty & Obligation and The Elements & Spirits of Earth are equally empowered on the terrestrial line in this reading. Neither of these cards are particularly 'spiky', however with so much incoming is it any surprise that the heart is feeling the pressure? Incoming into the Receptive, the emotional mind and the terrestrial in the form of practical necessity, forcing against the equally powerful need to fulfil one's obligations and keep one's promises? This contraction takes the form of Private Party, signifying emotional alienation.

Grace communicates harmony from the Overview, signalling a way out. If only we can overcome the asocial effects of Private Party, communicating with others will help us to balance. If the block in the heart can be removed, all of the incoming energy at the lower levels can flood upwards into Consciousness, allowing us to connect with Insight, the most ethereal form of guidance. Perhaps this is what is 'emerging'. The pressures of modern life, forcing back against the practical realities of a changing world, the knowledge of expert opinion and received empowerments in our consciousness, is creating a stifling, alienated emotional response. If this can be overcome, through balancing within the Self and harmonising communication, there will be a very rapid shift into higher levels of understanding.

colour drawing: the 'Emergence' spread

.   .   .   .   .

2. "In order to understand this, you will need to seek guidance"...

"It will be necessary to focus on the nature of your duties, or perhaps you are already doing this. There seems to be some conflict between your obligations - as you or others perceive them to be - and the actualities of the situation, the 'hard facts'."

"By bringing a love of life and an awareness of Nature to mind, the present alienation will ease. However, this may be replaced by another destructive emotional response, that of judgement, prejudice and the creation of hierarchies and false distinctions. You will have to engage creatively with the situation at a practical level whilst maintaining empathy, loyalty and compassion."

"With no accurate understanding of the issues yet to unfold in this changing situation you will perhaps hope to rely on past understandings. But the past led us to where we are today and those familiar patterns cannot deliver a complete solution. As this awareness sinks in, you will turn your attention to your ability to create or re-create the conditions afresh. Study the changes around you and find new creative solutions to the most mundane, practical problems."

The Context of the second reading is Guidance, Air in the Realm of Guidance.


Transition In the Creative Future Guidance position, Transition (Air in the Realm of Guidance) talks of being guided at the highest level by the states of change which are at play in the situation.


Legacy In the Overview Legacy (Air in the Realm of Time) strongly suggests that communication will focus on past events or lessons.


Tracing the Light Powerful here on the terrestrial, Tracing the Light (the Sense of Touch) is related to the outgoing and subjective energies of Earth - compassion, love, courage and truth.

Judgement In the Om Point and at the heart-of-the-matter, Judgement (Earth in the Family of the Emotions) warns of prejudice and unfair, unsustainable hierarchies which serve to separate people, one from another.

ShivaIn the Terrestrial Guidance Position, Shiva suggests that the situation will benefit from the application of personal, practical creativity.


The ForestIn the Undercurrent, The Forest (Earth in the realm of Abundance) represents the love of life, fertility, happiness and optimism in the emotional mind


Duty & ObligationIn the Receptive and at the focus of this reading, Duty & Obligation suggests that our actions should satisfy our obligations, as we perceive them to be.


This second spread shows very clearly which aspect of the previous reading needs to be addressed. That reading described a possible conflict between duty and practicality - for example a 'conflict of interest' or an insurmountable shift in scale. Duty & Obligation, restated here in the Receptive, is indicating that it is the contract, in the form of one's obligations, which should be focused on.

In the Undercurrent position is The Forest, Earth in the Realm of Abundance, indicating a deep love of life and an empathy with Nature. If this second reading is the guidance necessary to understand what is emerging through the first reading, this card is subtly important to the entire SuperSpread. Located in the mental-emotional Water position, the Oracle is suggesting that we receive its guidance with this mental attitude.

Whereas most Earth cards can represent 'concrete' realities, Duty & Obligation is generally more abstract. As the energy moves upward through the reading, The Forest acts as a sort of filter for Duty & Obligation, showing the potential for conflicts of interest. For example, those of us who have children know that it is often impossible to balance a determination to be environmentally sensitive (The Forest) with the needs and wishes of family life. A small vehicle, a hyper-protective 4x4, or a bicycle? Which contract do I adopt - a commitment to my earth awareness based on 'hard facts' as I understand them to be, or my family's physical and emotional well-being, including invariably a wish-list of desires?

The heart is troubled.

In the Om Point, the emotional aloof of the previous reading has given way to Judgement (Earth in the Family of the Emotions). This represents a descent in frequency as information has permeated, from an alienated response (“I don't want to know!”) to one which now seeks to engage with the issue through prejudice, blame and false distinctions. In this position it confirms that an emotional ego-response is still effectively blocking the heart.

The terrestrial line presents us with two options or strategies. On one hand is Shiva, the Creative Principle within the Self. Generally the card is auspicious, suggesting that we develop a creative engagement with the issue. In this case though, we should be wary of an over-active collective Shiva on the terrestrial. It could manifest through any number of untrustworthy ventures – the Shiva of the Factory sublimating personal creativity through the rigid hierarchy of the workpace, or the Shiva of the Plutocrat, creating practical new measures to express judgement in search of a resolution to collective problems.

On the other hand is Tracing the Light. This card tempers practicalities with the fundamental human experiences of kinship, compassion and unconditional love. Could Judgement ever prevail despite an atmosphere of tolerance and understanding, resonating with the optimism and awareness of nature described in The Forest and the ability to engage creatively suggested by Shiva? Here lies the key to freeing the heart.

Earth plays huge in this reading, effectively grounding it. A terrestrial line shared between the first two spreads would place the Elements & Spirits of Earth (Terrestrial Guidance card in the previous spread) next to its outward-going 'earth-twin', Tracing the Light. The positions of these two cards indicate a continuation - a suggestion that the focus of the situation (Duty & Obligation) can be resolved by meeting the incoming practicalities (Earth) with an open heart. This will throw one's genuine priorities into stark focus.

Above in the Overview, and higher into the Creative Guidance, are two Air cards which are always very easy to understand. Legacy, here on its 'spot' in Air, speaks strongly about the past. Transition talks of an awareness of the state-of-change. One interpretation is:

"Study the lessons of the past – what are they communicating? Things are changing rapidly now - use this information to inform a creative approach to the future."

One thing is for sure. No one can change the past, although one can choose to see it differently – taking new information from it by seeing it from a different or wider perspective. Nevertheless, mistakes and ignorance inherited from the past are the cause of many of our present difficulties.

colour drawing: the 'Guidance' spread

.   .   .   .   .

3. "More information is or will be incoming"...

"The communication you are receiving is being energised by strong external influences. Use this hot incoming energy to empower your intention. Bringing your full focus to the situation will help you to overcome a tendency to shut out inconvenient information which could make you feel uneasy, drained and unable to be truly effective. Energy will gather in the heart, supporting healthy communication, and you will again speak of abundance. It will then be possible to express your full creative abilities. Create the conditions of your life with renewed awareness and confidence."

The Context for the third reading is the incoming energy of the Elements & Spirits of Air.


Shiva 'The Creative within the Creative'. The suggestion here is that we follow the guidance of Shiva and adopt creative approaches to the future at the highest levels of awareness.


Abundance In the Overview, Abundance (Consciousness in the Realm of Abundance) indicates a wealth of progressive, healthy communication.


Circle of Silence Secrecy or blanking? Circle of Silence (Air in the Realm of Territories) suggests that communication is being territorialised.

Gathering In the Om Point and at the heart-of-the-matter is Gathering (Water in the Realm of Time). The card speaks of the reality of time and a gradual build-up of energies.

SnowbirdSnowbird (Water in the Family of the Emotions) indicates sadness and mental/emotional disarray.


Ritual IntentionIn the Undercurrent is Ritual Intention (Water in the Realm of the Active Path). In this position the card powerfully strengthens the link between thought and action.


Elements & Spirits of FireThe Elements and Spirits of Fire are incoming, passionate, active energies. Such energies may or may not be benevolent, but in this position we are being directed to focus on them.


The Context of the third reading is incoming communication at all frequencies – the Elements and Spirits of Air. This communication can be thought of as a continuation of the previous spread.

The situation is fuelled by two determined presences in the Nomadic Oracle, both of which are in their neutral positions, sharing their energies with the background 'flux': the Elements & Spirits of Fire in the Receptive and Ritual Intention in the Undercurrent are advising us to focus on the incoming actions and passions we are receiving, and respond with our own mental stamina and resolute intelligence.

With an emotional mind determined to follow through on its intentions, the heart can begin to recover. Gathering suggests that we accumulate resources for the task ahead; attributes of the heart such as compassion, courage, loyalty and trust. The Oracle is being quite sober here. There is a strong feeling that the task will not be an easy one - this is not simply a question of healing, for instance. The process will take time.

In this reading the Om Point is flanked by two potentially draining presences. On one hand sits Circle of Silence, representing secrecy and the strategic denial of information. On the other we have Snowbird, indicating unease which may lead to depression and an inability to act. Both must be avoided if the heart is to remain clear. Navigating between the two will involve remaining true to our intentions, gathering our resources and engaging in truthful, healthy communication.

Abundance in the Overview shows us how to lift the energy above this trap. It suggests that honest, complete communication will bring fresh energy to all. Communication does not just work on the level of speech and writing – it is communal: a sharing. This is abundance – sharing what you have until everyone has enough.

All of this leads again to Shiva. The Creative Principle within the Self has turned from the pragmatic concerns of the second reading and is now engaging actively in the Creative. By any standards, this can be seen as a significant shift of energies. The process of this third reading has given us a huge empowerment, allowing us to personally create the conditions of our lives.

colour drawing: the 'Elements & Spirits of Air' spread

.   .   .   .   .

4. " ...and the result will create the conditions for fair exchange and for holding space for other people."

"The heat of these strong, incoming influences will itself create a response. Anger will turn to rage. There may be violent times ahead. This will be the low-frequency, ego-fuelled response to the crisis."

"Those who have seen through all that is purely illusionary and wilfully ignorant will also know how to protect their minds and their innocence from the situation. They will speak their truth and listen only to the truths they discover in other people. They will hold to their core despite any opposition and communicate awareness at the highest levels of consciousness. They will not compromise and may walk alone in this world."

"By so doing they will manifest the conditions of fair exchange, of collaboration and cooperation beyond competition and compromise. Raising awareness will bring with it the benefits of fair exchange and space-holding, for themselves and for the others."

The Context of this final reading is Give & Take, Fire in the Realm of Abundance. The card is restated in the Creative.


Give & Take Give & Take (Fire in the Realm of Abundance) in the Creative. Create the conditions for fair exchange and holding space.


Elements & Spirits of Consciousness The Elements & Spirits of Consciousness. In the Overview and incoming to the situation - higher awareness communicated at all frequencies.


Ethereal Voices Ethereal Voices is the outgoing Sense of Sound. On Earth it refers to communications about practical matters.

Mountain At the heart-of-the-matter, the holding of core values without compromise. Mountain is Consciousness in the Realm of Territories.

Inner ChildHere, Snowbird gives way to Inner Child (Consciousness in the Family of the Emotions) which talks of protecting oneself and the situation from negative mental and emotional traumas.


ProtectionProtection (Consciousness in the Family of Protection) is in the Undercurrent. The card refers to our ability to protect the aura and, in this position, the mental-emotional the ambience of the matter at hand.


Debt & DominationFire in Fire! Debt & Domination (Fire in the Family of the Emotions) can refer to anger or irritation. In this position it may be physical expressions of rage.


In the Receptive, the focus of the reading, is the Fire card Debt & Domination from the Family of the Emotions. All five members of the Family are represented in this SuperSpread and none are repeated. Here, Debt & Domination is a Fire card in a Fire position. Given the nature of the reading as a whole, it can be taken as a warning. The card represents intimidation, aggression and violence as an emotional response. In this case, it may carry the 'story' of the incoming actions and passions highlighted by the Elements & Spirits of Fire in the previous spread, or it could be a response to them. Curiously, it might be these negative emotional energies, emerging from a low-frequency and dense, collective cultural ego, which will promote the need to embrace and create the conditions for Give & Take, Fire in the Realm of Abundance.

Equally, we should not rule out the possibility that, for some, aggression might be a necessary, even justifiable response to a dangerous situation. Debt & Domination here could be seen as supporting Give & Take in the Creative – a physical/emotional strategy to hold space against harmful energies. If we did choose to interpret the card in this way, the ultimate aim of the reading, as stated by Give & Take, should remind us that the end never justifies the means.

In the Undercurrent sits Protection. This is the beginning of a deliberate response to the damaging energies of Debt & Domination. Protection in this position speaks of safeguarding one's mind and consciously developing strategies to protect the entire aura. In the Om Point, Mountain tells of a clear and determined heart, focused on its most deeply-held core values. To this end, it is flanked by two powerful and mutually-reinforcing strategies. On the terrestrial line, Ethereal Voices is our personal ability to communicate about practical matters, and Inner Child the necessity of protecting our innocence from draining egotistical responses to the situation.

Above, in the Overview, the Elements & Spirits of Consciousness indicates that we are receiving complex, high-level communication. From this, we can draw the knowledge necessary to promote fairness.

The Context of this final reading is Give & Take; the card is restated in the Creative. This is an invitation actively to create the conditions of fair exchange, mutual aid and equality. The ultimate result of this turbulent SuperSpread is the need to create a future of equality for people based on fair exchange, placing cooperation above competition, greed and self-interest, in order to prepare ourselves for an uncertain, dynamically changing future..

colour drawing: the 'Give and Take' spread

.   .   .   .   .

One way to approach any interpretation of a complex, multiple reading is to look for shifting patterns and connections which exist between the spreads. This was how Tracing the Light earlier reaffirmed the first reading through its connection to the Elements & Spirits of Earth. In this final reading, the same can also be said of Ethereal Voices - the Sense of Sound - which links to its incoming 'twin', the Elements & Spirits of Air – which provided the Context for the previous reading. Ethereal Voices not only 'acknowledges' the entire previous reading, it displaces the Air card Circle of Silence, signalling an end to strategically limited communications. At the same time Inner Child, Consciousness in the Family of the Emotions, replaces Snowbird. Inner Child talks of protecting oneself and the situation from the damaging effects of unresolved egos and the negative emotions they generate, no matter what the source.

It is the path of the Om Point however that most clearly illustrates this kind of progression. Through its Context (Emergence), the first reading begins a journey, describing emotional alienation at the heart of an otherwise auspicious spread. As the Context shifts to Guidance, Private Party gives way to Judgement, a more practical but still ego-driven response to the situation at hand. In the third, the heart opens to Gathering, the patient harbouring of resources through the ebb and flow of time. The suggestion is that this will be necessary into the future, as a response to external but incoming actions and passions. This would be empowered by the mental strength of Ritual Intention, powerfully on its 'spot' in the Undercurrent of the third reading.

The fourth spread shows clearly why this might be the case. The Oracle places Mountain in the Om Point. Mountain (Consciousness in the Realm of Territories) evokes ideas such as holding to core-values, self-reliance and resistance to energies which should not be tolerated. It may be a tough one to climb and no place for compromise, but Mountain represents a challenge that is invariably self-chosen. The card is surrounded on three sides by other Consciousness cards. The Oracle maintains its sober mood in this reading. This indicates an implicit raising of awareness, a 'heads up!' perhaps.

There are, of course, many other possible interpretations. However, all would seek to understand the difficulties which the Oracle is speaking of, the emotional disturbances which run through these spreads. Any separate interpretation would be consistent with this one, which is fully established. Each card has contributed equally to the sense of the whole SuperSpread.

There are many paths we can see being expressed across the four 7-Card Spreads. Consider the Undercurrent (the mental/emotional route) for example: the Elements & Spirits of Water, the Forest, Ritual Intention and Protection. The progression begins with the incoming thoughts of others. This could be described as a body of expert opinion since it is supported by the Elements & Spirits of Consciousness in the Receptive. The journey continues via the Forest, bringing to mind an awareness of natural existence, a love of life and the attributes of the heart, and a suggestion that one can be guided by the subtle feelings of the heart-mind. It touches base with Ritual Intention, which powerfully indicates the need to do what it is in the mind to do, without compromise, prevarication or further thought. This journey ends with Protection, a card that talks of protecting the entire aura, or the entire situation, from interference. A decision which totally supports the aims of Give & Take.

It is Shiva's path which is perhaps the most illuminating. In the second and third spreads, which themselves can be seen as a continuum, Shiva, the Creative Principle within the Self, moves from an engagement with the mundane on the terrestrial to its natural position in the Creative, in Consciousness. If the warning implicit in these readings carries any merit, it suggests that creativity must raise frequency away from present practical matters and begin to engage at a far higher and more subtle level of awareness. This would include divesting itself of any low-frequency, cloying, commercial constraints and motivations.

The message would seem to be very clear. It will be necessary to protect the mind. Separately, it will be essential to protect oneself or the situation from the negativities presented by ongoing childhood and adolescent dramas. By adopting resolute determination from the heart we can raise awareness beyond the games and anxieties of those who abuse their power, no matter how legitimate their standing appears to be. We can do this by applying the new information we now possess.

The Turning of Shiva

The texts above give a breakdown of the readings. They can only represent a synopsis and are incomplete. However, the reading as a whole can be thought of as a warning. It appears that the Creative Principle must turn from practical matters, raise frequency and work to lift its gaze towards less mundane considerations. This would undoubtedly result in a rise of personal creativity at all levels and in all directions.

We know that the habits of the past will not serve into the future. New creative adventures, independent of past assumptions, will need encouragement. These require personal creative input but pure creativity cannot respond to the perceived needs of society, if such a society is seen to be corrupt or limiting. Depending on one's view of the role played by Perspective, at the centre and in the Om, one can take this warning to be a universal one.

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