The Nomadic Oracle

Two 7-Card Spreads Was this a Warning? The Tracker's Dilemma
Contents Introductions Discernment, the Sense of Taste The Infinite Self
Can you Picture a Thought? Colour Mapping and Creativity The Journey
"This is an exceptional oracle. Very few decks currently on the market function at the high level of the Nomadic Oracle. If you are looking for an oracle deck that moves beyond pretty pictures and vague new-age platitudes then this deck has been made for you. It takes the Seeker deep into the realms of the mystical, and engages the one at the highest levels of intellect and spirituality, while magically keeping itself grounded in the realities of everyday life. Outstanding!"
          ~ medusawink, Aeclectic Tarot full review

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Tuned to the 21st Century, Jon Mallek's Nomadic Oracle offers a powerful shamanic route to personal evolution, energetic awareness and healing.

The Nomadic Oracle is unlike any other divination system. Its 56 beautifully illustrated cards give it an astonishingly wide vocabulary, plus the ability to say 'no', 'not' and 'very'. The Oracle can distinguish between energies incoming to the situation or outgoing from the Self, and can even refer directly to the divination process. Card readings link to each other to produce profound, complex 'tapestries' of information.

Emergence Card, Consciousness in the Family of Transition
The Jester Card, the power to say no
Kundalini Card, Fire in the Realm of the Active Path
Snowbird Card, Water in the Family of the Emotions
The Drum Card, Air in the Realm of the Active Path
Nourishment Card, Water in the Family of Transition
Sunrise Card, Fire in the Realm of Time
Legacy Card, Air in the Realm of Time
The Forest Card, Earth in the Realm of Abundance

The resulting complexity invites the creative use of colour. Described in the Nomadic Oracle guidebook, the process of colour-mapping is an expressive outlet suitable for everyone, from seasoned visual artists to those just discovering the healing power of creativity. Both the tonality of colour-mapping and the drawing process will engage the higher self and allow a deeper understanding of the subtleties of a reading. This is a mature shamanic divination system designed to engage the creativity of the practitioner.

The Nomadic Oracle is a powerful yet subtle shamanic artefact dedicated to personal freedom and self-empowerment through divination and healing. The card readings continually manifest the presence of a second order of reality. Its insights will empower the individual, engage personal creativity, and complement your own healing activities.

"The artwork is stunning. The concept is intriguing. The possibilities for discovering in-depth solutions feel infinite. The Oracle blends energies not only in its structure but in the artwork itself. The shift from the starting reading to the “Information Angel” is fascinating.
I love the color-mapping concept."
          ~ Tarot Explorer

Blazing with an astonishing array of information, the Nomadic Oracle is able to shed fresh light onto the more perplexing elements of our daily lives and future possibilities. It is a powerful tool for self-empowerment, healing through divination and, ultimately, transformation.

Card readings provide detailed practical guidance yet reveal startling insights into a subtle underlying reality.

The guide's vibrant interplay of imagery, archetype and mythology enables the user to tap into the various energies at work in any situation.

The Nomadic Oracle stimulates an enhanced understanding of human interactions and our planetary interconnectedness, offering you an entirely new way of describing our world.

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mattang book is a collaborative exploration in consciousness, offering Oracle readings and healing, often free-of-charge or for a donation.

What's a mattang?
A tool to help people show their children how to see beyond the horizon.

"I found these cards fun to work with – they teach in a very intricate but heart centered manner. I loved the artwork, as well as the focus on the elements. My feeling is that these cards could easily be used by individuals of all ages, from diverse backgrounds. Dip your feet in the water – see which direction your journey takes!" full review
          ~ Bonnie Cehovet
Certified Tarot Grand Master, Reiki Master, co-founder of the World Tarot Network, Vice President of the American Board For Tarot Certification and writer.

Please take heed 'n' sip gently:

The Nomadic Orcle is not a game. It encourages the skill of seeing the world in terms of energy, beyond the illusions, the stories and narratives that are experienced more generally.

Over a period of time, this acuity has been shown to effect, sometimes quite radically, a person's understanding of the world. Although many cultures ignore this ability, it should not be underestimated and neither should it be abused. It is often unwise and potentially dangerous to intervene in the life-path of another individual.

It follows that the work is not really suitable for children or those who are particularly impressionable. The Nomadic Oracle guidebook regularly advises a degree of healthy scepticism. Children, in any case, should have no need of oracles.

The Nomadic Oracle neither embraces nor endorses any specific political, religious or spiritual viewpoint. If, for whatever reason, this work does not suit your present requirements (or those of the recipient if it is intended as a gift) please don't buy it.

The artwork contains occasional instances of symbolic nudity.

Book Cover, The Nomadic Oracle


The Complete Guide to the Nomadic Oracle
with revised and expanded text.
fully illustrated 465 pages.
publication date: December 2014.
834" x 558"
printed and bound in the USA.

New to the 2nd Edition:
- a massive expansion from 144 to 465 pages following further research into the capabilities of the Oracle and the more subtle meanings of the cards.
- one entire chapter devoted to colour-mapping.
- Aspect card entries show interpretations listed from Fire to Consciousness as required by a 7-card reading, making quick first impressions far easier to achieve.
- double-page Aspect Matrix for easy cross-referencing between Families and Realms.
-sample readings

The Pack

the deck consists of a boxed set of 56 cards of exceptional quality.
Card dimensions: 334 x 512 inches.
Printed on best quality art-card, non-laminated for easy handling and shuffling.
The absence of a plastic surface ensures that the colours remain vivid.
Offset printed and die-cut in Malaysia.

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